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Dairy Environmental Systems
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formerly Manure Management Program


Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic Digestion at Cayuga County Soil and Water Conservation District's Community Digester

This virtual tour highlights the Cayuga County Soil & Water Conservation District regional digester.

Case Study AD-19
Anaerobic Digester at Synergy Biogas, LLC Case Study AD-20
Anaerobic Digester at AA Dairy Case Study AD-1
Anaerobic Digester at New Hope View Farm (formerly Dairy Development International) Case Study AD-2
Fixed Film Digester at Farber Dairy Farm Case Study AD-3
Anaerobic Digester at Ridgeline Dairy Farm (formerly Matlink Farm) Case Study AD-4
Anaerobic Digester at Noblehurst Farms, Inc. Case Study AD-5
Anaerobic Digester at Spring Valley Dairy Case Study AD-6
Anaerobic Digester at Freund Dairy Case Study AD-7
Anaerobic Digester at Twin Birch Farms Case Study AD-8
Anaerobic Digester at EL-VI Farms: Case Study Case Study AD-9
Anaerobic Digester at Patterson Farms updated! Case Study AD-10
Anaerobic Digester at Emerling Farm, Inc. Case Study AD-11
Anaerobic Digester at Sunny Knoll Farms, Inc. Case Study AD-12
Anaerobic Digestion at Sheland Farms, Inc. Case Study AD-13
Anaerobic Digester at Aurora Ridge Farm Case Study AD-14
Anaerobic Digestion at Morrisville State College Case Study AD-15
Anaerobic Digester at Roach Dairy Case Study AD-16
Anaerobic Digester at Sunny Side Dairy Case Study AD-17
Anaerobic Digester at Wagner Farm (updated!) Case  Study AD-18

Biogas Casebook:  NYS On-Farm Anaerobic Digesters, by Norm Scott,  Jennifer Pronto,
Curt Gooch, July 2010

Agricultural Biogas Casebook, by Joseph M. Kramer, Resource Strategies Inc., September 2002

Agricultural Biogas Casebook Update, by Joseph M. Kramer, Resource Strategies Inc., September 2004


Composting at Kreher's Poultry Farm: Case Study 
Case Study C-1
Poultry Waste Composting at ACE Farm: Case Study
Case Study C-2
Poultry Waste Composting at Brey Egg Farm: Case Study
Case Study C-3