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Dairy Environmental Systems
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formerly Manure Management Program

Got Manure?

Enhancing Environmental and Economic Sustainability


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Download a full copy of the 2012 Got Manure Conference Proceedings.

Danish Experience with AD Plants and Future Direction
Kurt Hjort-Gregersen          


Standard for Manure Management Systems
Peter Wright 


The Impact of Dairy Housing and Manure Management on Anaerobic Digestion
Dana Kirk and Louis Faivor           


Manure Collections and Transfer Systems in Livestock Operations with Digesters
Andy Lenkaitis         


Sand Laden Manure Storage and Transfer
Jessica Skinner       


Sand-Manure Separation for Anaerobic Digestion Pretreatment
Andrew Wedel         


Source Separated Food Waste Flow to Farm Digesters
Nora Goldstein        


Anaerobic Digestion of Biobased Plastics
Tim Zauche and David Hitchins   


Dairy Cattle Mortality Management via Anaerobic Digestion
John Martin, Jr., Jeff Coombe, and Keith Henn  


Experience with Three On-Farm Digester Systems Using Additional Off Farm Organic Substrates
Stan Weeks  


Feasibility Studies: Why and What Should They Entail?
Patrick Ries  


Economic Analysis for Digester Development
Robert Joblin           


Development and Application of an Economic Anaerobic Digester Optimization (ADOPT) Model
J.Shannon Neibergs, Joe Harrison, Liz Whitefield, and Michael DeHart      


Biogas Composition and Cleanup Options
Norma McDonald    


Biomethane as an Option for On-Farm Energy Production (Powerpoint presentation)
Norma McDonald    


Digester Gas Combustion
Joe Hower and Dawn Chianese   


Overview of Nitrogen Removal Technologies and Application/Use of Associated End Products
Morton Orentlicher  


Commercial Demonstration of Nutrient Recovery of Ammonium Sulfate and Phosphorus Rich Fines From AD Effluent
Steve Dvorak and Craig Frear      


Small-Scale Anaerobic Digestion in the United States: Design Options and Financial Viability
Stephanie Lansing and Katherine Klavon          


Estimating Farm Size Required to Economically Justify Anaerobic Digestion on Small Dairy Farms
Tim Shelford


Reducing Risk of Entry Into Confined Space Manure Storages
Dennis Murphy, Harvey Manbeck, and Joel Steel         


Monitoring of Anaerobic Digestion Process to Optimize Performance and Prevent System Failure
Rodrigo Labatut and Curt Gooch  


On-Farm Anaerobic Digestion: Messages and Methods to Educate a Lay Audience
Jenny Pronto and Beth Meyer       


The Business Case for Carbon Management: New Opportunities for Offset Revenues From Manure Digesters
Scott Hernandez     


How Carbon Dioxide Offsets and Other Policies Impact the Financial Feasiblity of Anaerobic Digestion Systems on U.S. Dairy Farms
Brent Gloy    


Poster Presentation Papers

Financial Feasibility of Biodigester Development in Washington State
Nora Lake-Brown    


On-Farm Co-Digestion of Food Waste with Dairy Manure
Maria Lisboa, Stephanie Lansing and C. Jackson